Taking Inventory of Your Personal Property

Theft and burgulary is one of the top five homeowner’s insurance claims in the Alpharetta area, with an average cost of $4,700 per claim. Theft of your personal property can leave a homeowner feeling helpless, but by taking steps to be prepared in the event of a loss, you can make the best theft insurance claim possible. At Dykstra and Kemp, we want to make sure your family is prepared by taking some of these steps in protecting your family’s belongings.

Taking Inventory of Your Personal Property

Lock and key

  • Take a room-by-room inventory by entering items in the appropriate category, noting the quantity, the approximate date of purchase and the purchase price. Creating a spreadsheet can help record the data in an organized way.
  • Take photos from several angles in each room so that you capture each item in the room. You can use the photos to document the item’s condition and description.
  • Take close-up photos of individual items with serial numbers whenever possible.
  • Make sure you have all the financial statements of each item, including receipts.

These tips will help streamline the process so that you can effectively discuss the claim with your insurance agency. By taking the time to inventory your items beforehand, you can alleviate the worry of remembering later. Recording the item and its value can help assure that your claim ins handled smoothly when the value of damaged or stolen articles is determined. In the event of a loss in your home, please don’t hesitate to contact Dykstra and Kemp Insurance Agency in Alpharetta, GA about our different homeowner’s insurance options so that we can help protect your personal possessions and your home.

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